Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Business Casual?

So tonight I wanted to do a fun, little experiment: See how long it takes for me to take, edit, and post ma pics for the day. So far we're at an hour. This could literally become a full-time job. Then again, I am watching SVU, so I'm not paying 100% attention to what I'm doing. Oh well, anyway, check it!

I bought these earrings a while ago, and since I NEVER know how things will work with my headset at work, I waited until today to wear them for the first time. Wild. In love. I forgot how much I LOVE giant earrings. In high school, that was ma thing. Added bonus, I managed to crop out the giant gash on my nose from falling down a flight of stairs on New Years. I was embarrassed about it all, but then two of my favorite bloggers: Ashley and Ezter BOTH posted about their NYE antics, and I didn't feel as dumb. I still feel dumb, but that's nothing new.

Today was the first day of Weight Loss Challenge IV at work. Weigh-in today was eye-opening. I've definitely put on a few, but I always do when I come home to Ohio. So I'm starting to watch what I eat, drink less, and do some sort of physical exercise. We'll see how it goes. $180 is on the line. Go big or go home.

This blazer rules. $14.99 at Gabe's. It's originally Express and 8 times more expensive. It makes me realize that buying anything when it comes out in the stores is pointless, since it's going to be much cheaper in a few months at Gabe's. I realize all of this completely against the ideals of fashion, but I'm poor. Besides, that means I can save my money for expensive shoes (you know which ones I'm talking about).

Now, I'm about to roll out to get some sushi at Golden Dragon. Soooo good. See youz all laterz.