Wednesday, February 8, 2012

No Girls Allowed.

So it got cold again, and I got lazy. That is why these pics are in the dark....outside. I would have taken them Tuesday morning, but for some reason (this morning, too), I could not get out of bed. Bummer too, because my three collars are hidden. That's right, THREE. Sheer button-down, denim-y button down, grey blazer. Solid.

Mitten-flaps, booty smacks. My french braid looks fab. I really need to get on the french-fishtail. I know it's a thing cuz I've seen it. It just must take ages, cuz normal fishtail takes about 8 years and a half to do. I would know. One time, over the summer after freshman year of college, I fishtailed my friend Stephanie's hair while we were bored at our summer job at the Country Club (how very In Crowd of you).

It literally took forever. Good thing there was nothing to do.

Today's outfit. It started snowing, so I rushed outside to take pics in it, but it was not visible in my photos. Maybe some other time.

What a fab jacket that is. Why, yes, I know. Another Mama George gift. And those boots. I can't believe I haven't worn them yet this winter. I bought them last year during the Soldes in Angers. Honestly, I could have probably started an entire blog called 5€ shoes. Because that's how much these cost...and these. If only I were as clever then as I am now. Oh well. I was thinking today how mild this year's winter has been, and I wondered if maybe it was because I'm actually prepared for it with all of these fancy-pants jackets, but it really has been a mild winter. Easing myself back into it. Besides, this IS Ohio. We probably won't get summer until July.

So yesterday was Rian's birthday (update your Tumblr, fool). You know, my roommate? You know, the girl who's clothes I borrow and wear on this blog? Well, me being the slacker I am, didn't get around to decorating until about 20 minutes before she was home, and then didn't take any good pictures of the finished product. Here's what I published on instagram.

So many balloons. And there were streamers. And there's a card, but I'll take more pictures on Saturday at the offical Rian Nagel Birthday party celebration-extreme at Golden Dragon (I'm so sorry liver). Yesterday, though, on the real day, we made a bunch of food.

I made Chiles Rellenos (vegetarian, obviously).

And then we watched a bunch of episodes of SVU, including the one where the kid runs away and accuses his parents of abusing him because they won't let him eat hamburgers. Classic.

Lately, I've noticed that I've been gravitating more towards men's magazines. Proof.

It started with the FHM with the dudes from the new season of Misfits in it, and it continued on Sunday when I saw that Bill Clinton was on the cover of Esquire. Today, I was at the grocery store talking to my mom on the phone and wandered into the magazine aisle to finish the convo, and found Nylon Guys. WTF. "Not for Girls". I will read whatever I want. Also, dude fashion is becoming really popular, and when I have a boyfriend (which will be in no time soon), I want to know how to dress him. Scratch that, I already know how to dress dudes. I'm also really into androgyny right now. I mean, seriously, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo for real. But then I also got the Young Hollywood issue of Vanity Fair and Glamour with Amanda Seyfried on the cover (Allure's cover girl is Zooey Deschanel, which I also have). I can still be girly. Thankyouverymuch. Now that you know my reading preferences, I think I'll just be going. It's getting late (ish). See ya.