Thursday, August 16, 2012


I'm not going to lie:  the first time I went to Chicago, I was not a huge fan.  The architecture is all really futuristic-looking, the "metro" is NOT underground (minus one line), and the weather is SUPER bi-polar (the day I got there it was pouring down rain and windy, and then after lunch it was sunny and hot...weird).  Then again, I am a firm believer in how the company you keep affects your experiences.  Also, I only had a day to take everything in (as well as turn my French-teaching paperwork in at the French Consulate).  Either way, this trip was a thousand times better:


Tourists being tourists.  What are you gonna do?

We decided randomly to do a bit of shopping (who am I kidding? We basically lived at the Water Tower).  Great idea!  We got to see Andrew Wyatt from Miike Snow DJ (and drink free margaritas - I'm still salty we didn't win the VIP passes to Lolla and $500 gift certificate to Armani Exchange, but then again, those would have just been the cherry on a delicious sundae of a trip)

They were wearing the same pants.  Weird.
And then the festival began! 

Dr. Dog

Some weirdos rocking out to Wale
Franz Ferdinand (even though you can't see them)
Bloc Party
Adam loving EVERY minute of the Red Hot Chili Peppers
Total disclosure:  He was probably one of my most favorite acts
The Walkmen
More of the Walkmen
FLORENCE and the machine
Miike Snow*
All in all, not a bad time.  The futuristic-looking buildings are definitely growing on me, and it's pretty cool to see the city when you are cruising through on the CTA.  The night-time view isn't half bad either.

I could do without the torrential downpours (and being evacuated from Grant Park), but then there wouldn't be little kids playing in the massive puddles.

*We saw many more acts than the photos shown, those pictures just weren't as "good".