Thursday, August 16, 2012


I just posted about Chicago and then realized:  I STILL haven't posted about my trip to TORON-TOE during Memorial Day Weekend!  Is it too late to post about it?  Is it not relevant anymore?  Doubtful.  Relevant does NOT exist in Le Monde de Bottes D'Eleanor.  NOTHING I write about is relevant.  MOVING ON!

This morning I was exhausted from my awful (read: hell) day at work yesterday.  Just pure craziness.  Thankfully, today was better.  And tomorrow will be the best because we are going to see Mercury Summer Stock's All Shook Up in Cleveland (it's their last weekend - booo).  Anyway, I woke up this morning and wanted to wear jeans and a Tshirt in protest of yesterday's outfit, which I conveniently forgot to photograph and was awesome and colorful.  But I couldn't bring myself to be so sloppy, so I threw on an over-sized button-down (probably not much of a difference).  Anyway, the result is below.  

White Button-down - Old Navy, Skinnies - Wet Seal, Flats - Hand-me-downs, Jewelry - Assorted
I couldn't decide on belting my waist or letting the shirt flow free and wild, so I settled in the middle with tying it.  I'm not sure I love the effect, but it did its job.