Friday, September 14, 2012


Sunglasses - H&M, Necklaces - Vintage, Yellow Tank - Handed down, Yellow eyelet tank - O'Neil/PacSun, Jeans - Random Shop in Angers, Yellow Heels - Charlotte Russe, Blazer - Gabriel Brothers, Rings - Assorted
Every time I wear these jeans, one of my co-workers (without fail) asks me where I got them.  I bought them at some random shop in Angers, France (I probably say that every time I post about these).  This response equal parts breaks my heart (because she can't buy them in America) and makes me feel like a pretentious asshole (because I lived in France).  I guess I should feel proud that I managed to leave Angers with a kick-ass pair of jeans, but I also feel sad that I don't live in France anymore.  Then again, I should feel lucky to have had an experience like that.  I also feel like a hypocrite because when I bought these, I didn't even like them that much because they weren't high-waisted enough or skinny.  I wonder if anyone has mused this much on a pair of jeans?  Probably. Bottom Line - I love them, and they have built-in suspenders (that are removable).  "Fresh to Death" (that was Kayla's kick-ass reaction to this outfit, Wednesday morning at work).