Friday, September 14, 2012

Black and White (and Cool All Over)

"Action Shot"

Sunglasses - H&M, "Leather" Jacket - Miley Cyrus/Max Mazria/Wal-Mart, Black Dress - Nollie/PacSun, White Button-Down - Handed Down, Booties - Kirra/PacSun, Belts, Necklace - Rue 21, Rings - Assorted, Eleanor Necklace - Made by Me
Another attack of the treasure at PacSun outlet last weekend in Aurora (OK so it's NOT REALLY an outlet).  These boots by Kirra are FAB.  They are simple, comfortable, and classic.  I'm waiting a little until I bling them into submission.  The black dress underneath is fantastic, too.  I bought it over the summer, but never got around to wearing it because I made this lame rule to not wear black in the summer.  Well, it's cold and rainy now, so I'm A-Ok to wear black as much as I want (Score!).