Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Forever 21's 21 Days of Style

Blazer:  H&M, Sweater:  Converse (c/o Target), Striped Button-down:  Goodwill, Jeans:  H&M, Booties:  Kirra
 Dogs photo-bombin' my photos.  What jerks.  Forever 21's 21 Days of Style started on the 1st of November, and this was day 1's look.  Obviously, I'm late in posting these outfits, but if you follow me on instagram (bottesdeleanor), then you know what I've posted for each day.  I like these kind of challenges.  It makes it easy to get ready in the morning because there is one thing you can plan an outfit around.  Normally, that's what I always do, but lately, I've been having problems getting inspired. This day was knits.  Luckily for me, button-down/sweater combo is my go-to in the winter.