Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Rings N' Things

Car Button-Down:  Wal-Mart, Sneaker Henley:  Forever 21, Velvet Overalls:  Thrift Shop in NOLA, Socks:  H&M, Booties:  Kirra, Rings:  Assorted
There she is again.  The queen of the photobomb, Eleanor Rigby!  Day 2 of the Forever 21 21 Days of Style Challenge was rings!  Like that was difficult.  I wear a ring (at least) a day, or else I don't feel comfortable with myself.  I tried to explain the 21 Days of Style challenge to a co-worker.  It was a struggle, but probably because everything I do seems weird to everyone.  OH yeah, and Ann won America's Next Top Model Cycle 14!  I dont' even know when it originally aired, but she was awesome.  And we saw Sinbad that night.  Hilarious!