Saturday, December 22, 2012

"Say So, Say So, Say So"

Brocade Fur Jacket:  Merona (c/o Aud's Mom), Denim Button-down:  American Eagle, Brown Lace-Up Trousers and Gold Necklace:  Forever 21, Hat:  Gift, Litas:  Jeffrey Campbell (c/o Next Beachwood), Rings:  Assorted    

A funny thing happened on Thursday, when I wore this outfit to work (and then out about town):  a woman I work with asked if my Litas were custom-made shoes.  Looking back now, I realize how perfectly plausible of a question that was, but at the time, I was shocked that she a) had never heard of Jeffrey Campbell, and b) never changed out the shoelaces in her own shoes, 2 things that are as commonplace to me as putting cream in my coffee and getting free cereal from the cereal bar at work before 10am.  Then again, I realize that most people have a life outside of fashion and fashion blogging and the fashion blogging community, so it's very possible that any number of people who saw me that day, or are reading this now, have never heard of Jeffrey Campbell.  

Another person some people may not have heard of:  Allen Stone.  Remember when I went to his concert?  Ok, so maybe not.  Well, shame on you.  He was on Leno the other night.  Did you see him perform then?  Either way, he's very talented, and gaining popularity (not as quickly as Macklemore, but who is?).  I dedicate this outfit to you, Allen Stone.  For some reason, I've been very inspired by men's fashion as of late, and this outfit is NO exception.  I think it might have a lot to do with the fact that all of my girly clothes are still at my old apartment (I realized yesterday that I have NO skirts at my new home with Adam.  Weird.  Excuse the segue.)  Allen is very talented and very fashionable...for a dude.  To keep everything in my (outfit) ode to Allen from looking not to guy-y, I wore my Litas and the most feminine jacket I own.  Cheers!

Another weird thing happened on Thursday:  it snowed.  I tried to take photos in the pseudo blizzard, but obviously Adam and I were unsuccessful.  Oh well.

And then we went to Thursdays.  It's been a while.  Ok fine, about a month.  But considering I used to go every Thursday and most Saturdays, it has definitely been a while.  For those of you not living in Northeast Ohio, Thursdays is the indie dance club in downtown Akron that has been around since the 80's.  It's an institution for the locals here.  It is the hottest spot for "hipster" 20-somethings (I use "hipster" like that because who knows what they will be called in 20 years, because they certainly weren't called that in the 80s), and when I moved home from Florida, I was so happy to find a club that didn't play top 40 hits like they were the only musical genre on this Earth.  Unfortunately, these days it seems like everyone there is extremely young and annoying.  I used to be able to handle the crowd there, but then again I think I am just getting old.  Minus the crowd, every time I step in to that club I feel like I'm 22 again, just moved home from Florida, and making a whole new group of friends.  Not to mention some of the songs that are played on Thursday nights take me back to Tallahassee.  But then I remember that Big Daddy's is no more, and all of my old gang has moved on (including me).  We are trying to be adults and act all grown up, but when we all get back together, it's like nothing has changed (not that I wrote that much about it here, but you get the idea).  That's how it is at Thursdays.  If a place were a feeling, that's how Thursdays would be and is.  If only I could convince my Florida/France/Germany/Minnesota/NYC/everywhere peeps to come visit.   

Congrats to Adam for taking some stellar blog photos!  And Happy Holidays to all of you!  My readers!