Thursday, December 20, 2012


 Last Saturday, (one of) my little brother(s) graduated COLLEGE.  Holy moly!  I should feel incredibly old with this milestone, but I don't.  I feel like I graduate college and time stopped.  Like we all graduate college and stop aging.  Either way, how proud are my parents?  Very proud!  How proud am I?  Super proud and pumped for Alex.  Now he can go out there and save the world (he ships out for the Navy Seals training program in April).  Even though I'm extremely scared and worried about him, I know he'll do a great job, and come back to us.

Enough with the sappy stuff.  This is what I wore:

Blazer: Hand-me-down, Turtleneck:  H&M, Skinny Jeans:  H&M, Black booties:  Kirra, Jewelry:  Assorted    

Obviously Adam took those photos since I can't keep a straight face (because of how silly I felt).  And as promised (or maybe not, I can't remember if I ever announced it), but here is a glimpse of my babelicious boyfriend.  Look at him being all modelly and posing for me after the graduation ceremony!

How cute!  Thanks Adam (if you want his outfit details, you'll have to ask him)!  Peace all!