Thursday, January 10, 2013

Old Man Cheetah

Cardigan: Merona (c/o Adam's closet), Denim Button-Down:  Rue 21, Jeans:  Forever 21, Chucks:  Converse (c/o PacSun), Coat:  Hand-me-down, Jewelry:  Assorted
What is there to say about this outfit?  Not much.  Pretty basic wear these days.  I am in love with this cheetah-print denim button-down, unfortunately (and you can't really tell from these photos), it is REALLY short, so it doesn't tuck in very well.  It might also be one of those "purposely short tops that is supposed to tie in the front".  Yuck.  I just need higher waisted pants.  Easy Peasy.  You also can't really tell, but I wore every piece of the sapphire jewelry set my mom got me for Christmas:  ring, earrings, and necklace.  All of the pieces are really pretty, but I'm still not sold on wearing them all at the same time.  And again, the dogs are creepin'.  At least they are pseudo-posing, sittin' pretty.  I just hate the alien-dog look (similar to the kids in the M83 "Midnight City" video) they get when the flash goes off.  And we took down the Christmas tree last weekend, so it will no longer be a feature in my blog photos.  Cheers Mates!