Monday, April 15, 2013


Sweater: Wet Seal, Denim Button-Down: American Eagle, Pants: Forever 21, Flats: Some shop in Orlando, Necklaces: Made by me, Rings: Top Man/Country Dollar

It was a cold day in a midst of nice ones.  I had just bought this sweater from Wet Seal and thought it would be appropriate since it's a bit holey.  I was afraid the chambray would be too thick under it, but nope!  'Twas perfect.  I've been meaning to wear some of the hemp necklaces I made one summer in high school, and these two worked great.  It's a summery sweater, summery shoes and summery necklaces on a not so summery day. One day it will clear up around here.  Then I took some random walking away photos.