Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ride My Bicycle

Button-Down:  PacSun, Loose Sweater:  Charlotte Russe, Khakis:  Old Navy, White Heels:  Some shop in Paris, Accessories:  Assorted

How awesome is this shirt?  Of course, it's from the dude department at PacSun!  We also had to FIGHT to get the discount on it (not really).  Bicycles and Chambray (i.e. denim) = Great Combo!  Genius!  And check out the versatility:  Above in a pseudo business casual outfit; below in the laziest, tomboyiest beach outfit ever in Panama City Beach.  I was hoping for sun, and it rained.  Go figure.

Button-Down:  PacSun, Garnet Jorts:  PacSun, Sandals:  PacSun, Sunglasses:  ShopJeen, Jewelry:  Assorted