Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It's Always Sunny - Day 2

Hat: Gabriel Brothers, Sheer Top:  Kirra (c/o PacSun), Floral top:  Charlotte Russe, Blazer:  H&M, Aztec Shorts: PacSun, Boots:  Target, Jewelry:  Assorted

After a rainy first day in Panama City Beach, the weather decided to shape up and be more Florida-y, but still cold.  Either way, it was Record Store Day!  So we piled in the car and headed to Central Square Records in Seaside.  Central Square Records was awesome, the perfect venue for such a great day of the year.  Seaside, though?  It's one of those towns that was built for the sake of being built (I think).  It's beautiful, everything is brand new, but there is something off.  Kind of like Stepford?  Anyway, please forgive my super pale legs.  Still kind of bummed I didn't get much of a tan in Florida.

Oh and the king of vinyl himself!

Hat: From Baltimore, Hoodie:  PacSun, Jorts: DIY, Vans c/o Urban Outfitters
We're both pretty pale.