Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Straight Up

Striped Button-Down:  Goodwill, Jeans: Old Navy, Red Necklace: World Market, Gold Necklace: Forever 21, Studded Booties: Mossimo Suplly Co (c/o Target), Rings:  Aldo Accessories and Forever 21
So straight up props to my friend, Jesse H, for telling me about the ginormous sale on shoes at Target this weekend.  I usually try to avoid Target simply because you walk into that place, thinking you need ONE thing.  $100 later, you've bought anything from a basil grow kit to the "Great Gatsby" sound track - oh wait, I actually needed both of those things (needed, pssh).  Anyway, Sunday, Adam and I did have a list of things we needed to get, and Target was the ONE place where we could get them ALL at.  Imagine that!  So we got our "needed" things, and I bought the "Great Gatsby" soundtrack and these booties.  Success!

And oh yeah!  I just added the translate gadget today to the sidebar.  Check it out!  Even if you don't speak another language than english, it's hilarious to read my random thoughts in something other than what you normally speak - well at least I think so.