Sunday, May 19, 2013

"Turn Any Light Into the Spotlight"

Thursday night, I was invited to my first EVER blogger event.  Elle Magazine and Wella Professionals, with the help of Canopi, invited me to attend a summer refresh blogger event at Charles Scott Salon in Cleveland.  I really had no idea what to expect, but knew I wanted to go, if nothing else than to meet other local bloggers.  I also felt extremely honored to be invited and involved, and what's the harm in a little pampering now and then?  

We started with a tour of the salon.  The building used to be a bank!

My friend, Katie, was a trailblazer.  The first to get her hair done.

Then it was my turn.

What does any normal girl do, that just got her hair done?  Take goofy pictures in the mirror.

Then Katie got her makeup done.

And her nails - She is getting married in 2015.  She was only doing research.

Then it was time for a photoshoot! ©2013 Charles Scott Salon & Spa 

Chaz owns the salon.  He was such a nice guy.  The event was SO much fun! ©2013 Charles Scott Salon & Spa

Katie, Me, My mom and our gift bags.  We clearly had a blast.
The challenge I found with dressing for this event lie simply in the unknown.  I knew I would be at a salon in Cleveland, so I knew I should dress up, but beyond wearing a skirt, I didn't know what else I wanted to wear.  I had a whole day at work to look forward to beforehand, so I couldn't get too fancy with it.  I could have wore heels, but I couldn't decide on a pair - I know, hard to believe.  I settled on comfort, and it was the right choice.  We were on our feet the whole night, talking and meeting new people.  Here's a closer look:

Chambray Button-Down:  Rue 21, Denim Jumper:  Urban Outfitters (c/o Gabriel Brothers), Pink Oxfords:  Deena and Ozzy (c/o Gabriel Brothers), Blazer: H&M, Jewelry:  Assorted