Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Army Navy Surplus

As some of you may have noticed, I've been wearing this jacket a lot lately (at least it seems that way to me).  I used to wear it a lot during the spring/fall months, but this year, it went from winter to summer, without much of a transitory period.  Well, it seems we are getting that time now - in June.  Whatever Ohio.  Below are two outfits I wore last week that showcase its versatility (the jacket, and the Ohio weather, I guess).

After work dinner date with Adam:

Military Jacket: Old Navy (DIY), Dress: Charlotte Russe, Wedge Sneakers: Charlotte Russe, Sunglasses: H&M, Jewelry:  Assorted

Rainy Day, Grunge-Style: 

And another twirling photo, because that's Adam's favorite direction as a photographer these days:

Military Jacket: Old Navy (DIY), Plaid:  Macy's, Skater Dress:  PacSun, Boots:  Jimmy Jazz, Jewelry:  Assorted

Pretty versatile, right?  The other great thing about that jacket, is that it used to have a zipper.  Right.  Wow.  I bought it from Old Navy in high school for about $2.  I never loved the zipper, so my mom and I swapped it for vintage buttons!  Genius.  I haven't stopped wearing it ever since.

The following photos are of what I originally threw on after work last Tuesday, but then switched to my military-inspired jacket because I liked the look better.  The below look isn't awful, just not what I was hoping for.  But these photos do showcase how much of a difference changing a sweater can be.

Sweater:  PacSun, Dress: Charlotte Russe, Wedge Sneakers:  Charlotte Russe, Sunglasses:  H&M, Jewelry:  Assorted