Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Black and White

Recently, I've been wearing the same pieces over and over again.  Clearly this means I've FINALLY found some stuff I like.  It also means that I can challenge myself to dress them up differently.  Remember the post with the bicycle and my vest?  Well, there're these pants.  People at work call them my "Beetlejuice" pants.  I call them fab.  I guess I like wearing them with peplum.  But they are also striped, and match some patio furniture my aunt gave me. 

First Outfit:
Casual and sassy with a Peplum Top and Sheer Button-down for a day at work.

Sheer Top: Vintage, Black Peplum Top: Akira Chicago, Striped Pants: Forever21, Gladiator Sandals: Gabe's, Jewelry: Assorted

Second Outfit:
Business Casual with White, Structured Peplum and a Blazer (and our overgrown tomato plants) for a (different) day at work.

Grey Blazer: Express (hand-me-down), White Peplum Top: Allen B. (c/o JCPenny), Striped Pants: Forever21,
Heels: Deena and Ozzy (c/o Gabe's)
So not 100% different, but different enough to where I don't feel like I'm wearing the same outfit over and over again, like I do often with button-downs and skinny jeans.  

Also, did anyone else enter the Forever 21 "Declare Your Style" Instagram Challenge?  Well, I did.  I realized on a random Tuesday, that MOST of my team at work was wearing all monochrome, so I asked some of my co-working buddies to enter with me.  We took some photo(s):

And then I "MEME"ed us in my graphic design class:

I think it's pretty hilarious, but I'm also an idiot.

What are some of the pieces in your wardrobe that you find yourself wearing over and over again (you know like that Hot Chip song)?