Friday, August 16, 2013

Summit Mall "Back At It" Fashion Show

Last weekend, Summit Mall (and Teen Vogue) hosted ANOTHER Fashion Show:  this time for "Back to School".  Adam was a doll and hung out with me while we caught the first few presentations.  

Back to School used to be my favorite time of year.  You had the whole summer off.  You were refreshed and ready to see your friends again (not that you hadn't seen them all summer), excited to learn new things, and getting closer and closer to getting the heck out of high school and on to the real adventure:  COLLEGE.  

Once you got to college, back to school changed a little.  There was Seminole Sensation Week, FOOTBALL SEASON, Homecoming, oh yeah, and new classes and new classmates.  College was different in that there was always something new: someone new to meet, something new to learn, something new to do, a new band to see at Club Downunder, a new work schedule at Jimmy John's, new books to get the idea.  

Now that I'm grown and working in a "career", back to school is a whole new beast.  Working in shopper marketing and advertising, we are talking about "back to school" year round.  Once it's time for back to school, you've forgotten about it because you are planning for holiday and the whole next year's worth of programs.

I used to equate "back to school" with "New Year's Eve": "this semester/year, I'm going to get straight A's", "this year, I'm going to make varsity", "this year I'm going to read every sassy, teen girl novel at the library".  With back to school, you get more chances to make the most out of your year:  the summer bucket list you'll make, the new school year goals you'll set, and then your new year's resolutions.  Now that I'm a little older, I've "lost" those chances.  I make goals that have no end date, hence they never get accomplished. Back to School offered a specific time for refresh and renew. 

But however you feel about Back to School season, the best part is the fashion:

The first presentation was from Wet Seal:  

The Second Presentation was from Claire's:

The third presentation was from American Commodore:

And then a break for Fashion Dash, a game they play every fashion show:

We left early, missing the Body Central presentation and another Fashion Dash game, but not too soon to realize that: what high school kid would be allowed to wear (almost) any of the clothes presented in this show?  I remember when I was in high school, shopping for school clothes was nearly impossible.  Our dress code was so strict at my public school, we might as well of had to wear uniforms.  Watching these presentations made me realize how tough kids (and their parents) probably still have it when it comes to getting dressed for school.  I remember fighting with my mom every year when it came time to school shop:  heading to the mall, trying on endless outfits, only to realize, my shorts were too short, my tank top straps too skinny, or the jeans I wanted were too "distressed".  [Another great thing about college: you can wear whatever you want (no joke: I swear at an 8 am final there were people wearing their PJs).]  I guess it comes with age, but I can imagine 14 year-old Abby wanting to wear some of the clothes presented, but now that I am older, I appreciate nice pants (check out the khakis below from J Crew) or a blazer (the vest below is fab).  Not to mention, I would NEVER want to relive high school (I'm slowly realizing that about college).  

However, in the spirit of the Back to School season, I put together some outfits that a present Me would have loved to wear in high school, even college and definitely today:

"The First Day" or "I could totally wear this to work"

Vest:, Sweater: pull and bear, Yin/Yang Tank:, Tuxedo Khakis: J Crew, Holographic Sandals: Senso, Jewelry and Make-up: Assorted.  Full Details here: Polyvore

"The First Friday" or "This is basically what I wore a few weeks ago"

Cat Dress, Backpack: H&M, Varsity Jacket: One Direction (c/o Amazon), Combat Boots: Forever21, Beanie: Patagonia, Jewelry & Make-up: Assorted.  Full Details here: Polyvore

"Game Day" or "Sorry I'm not sorry for the shameless FSU plug"

FSU Sweatshirt:, Striped Shorts:, Booties: Minnetonka, Kimono: Zara, Jewelry and Make-Up: Assorted.  Full Details here: Polyvore 

"Homecoming" or "I just realized this may be what I'm wearing to this year's Holiday Party"

Jumpsuit: Topshot, Heels: Jeffrey Campbell (c/o Karmaloop), Jewelry and Make-Up: Assorted.  Full Details here: Polyvore

What are some of your "Back to School" Goals and Style Rules?