Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Dress: Target, Socks: Betsey Johnson (c/o TJMaxx), Wedges: Sam Edelman (c/o Solestruck), Jewelry:  Assorted

Back to our regularly scheduled programming:  

It feels like forever since I've posted, but it's really only been a week.  However, it really has been forever since I wore this outfit (like a few weeks - there I am again breaking the cardinal rule of blogging - timeliness).  The other thing I realized about this outfit:  I really only like the sock/shoe combo.  This dress is great, don't get me wrong, but it's not really "me".  I tried making it more "me" by slitting some holes in the front and fishing the sash through them to give it some shape.  The sash can be tied a plethora of ways; I just chose to tie it this way.  It's amazing how well these shoes match the brown in this dress.  That all being said, I'm definitely getting rid of it, so if any of you fine readers are interested, stop by our yard/garage sale on October 12th during Highland Square Porch Rokr!  Some friends and I are working fast and furiously to gather things that people will hopefully want to buy (You NEVER know!).