Thursday, October 24, 2013

Stealing from the Boys

Jacket: The Narrows (C/o Urban Outfitters), Sweater: Zara (SOLDES!), White Button-down: Hand-me-down,
Jeans: Old Navy, Shoes: Forever 21 DIY (c/o Gabriel Brothers), Jewelry: Assorted

Literally.  On the way out the door this morning, I grabbed this olive jacket of Adam's.  So what?  I liked the look of it better than my normal navy peacoat.  Also, for those of you who didn't notice, it got COLD in Ohio.  Nothing too bad just yet, but no more leaving the house without a jacket these days.  I almost couldn't get away with not wearing socks today.  Almost.

Let's talk olive for a moment, shall we?  First of all, olives are probably my favorite food.  The best part about going to Morocco in 2011?  The olives.  Well, the olives and seeing a friend from college (and the figs, and the dates).  Olive though is probably one of my favorite neutrals.  Like khaki, olive can get away with just about anything.  So, dear readers, be more bold with your olive choices (at the restaurant AND in your wardrobe)!

I also want to thank Megan from Kiddo TV for inspiring this olive look.  On Saturday, when some local bloggers and I went to the orchard, Megan wore many different shades of olive.  Like the great blogger I am, I took zero pictures that day - I was too busy getting to know some new people.  Besides, Jessica and Jess wrote about our day already!  Anyway, I had one of those "Why didn't I wear that" moments, and immediately had to put my spin on the theme.

What are some colors you wish you wore more often (or foods you wish you ate more often)?