Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Interlude: Nouvelle York

This past weekend (and beginning of the week), I went to New York! This trip was not like the last time I went (read about it here and here), it was so much better!  I feel bad saying that since Adam couldn't come this time, but I really did have a great time.  

This trip was incredibly last minute.  I found out my friend, Adrien, was coming to visit from France mid-October.  I had been planning on taking a few days at the beginning of November, but I hadn't decided if I would go anywhere, and if so, where.  Once I knew Adrien was coming for sure, I booked a flight.  It helped that I had a credit with Airtran leftover from my last flight to NYC (ugh Nemo), and I was able to book through AirBnB.  All of that made my travel expenses incredibly looooww.  On top of that, my friend, Zach, from work had been meaning to visit our NY office, so he decided to come along as well and split the room costs.  Luckily, Caitleen was on fall break and able to spend lots of time with us.  It was JUST like being back in Angers.  We walked, talked, had delicious apĂ©ro (wine, bread, cheese, etc) and reminisced about the hilarious times we passed in Angers.  I think we all miss that horribly conservative small-town just a little.  It's amazing the difference meeting great people can make in your life.  I wish we could have more visits like this past one.  Of course, our mini-Angers reunion was not complete without Andrea and Emily, but we were able to Skype and Facetime with them both (at the same damn time) so that was nice.  Hopefully, we will all be reunited soon - June 21, 2014 guys!

Where would you go on a last minute trip if you had the opportunity?