Monday, February 17, 2014

Claire Matthews

This post contains spoiler alerts from the first season of The Following:

Another day, another NOT personal style post.  As everyone (everywhere) is aware, currently, winter is beating the heck out of ALL OF US all over America (and I caught a cold in Columbus).  So I'd like to take the time to write a (long overdue) post about one of my favorite characters on TV (Netflix) now:  Claire Matthews (played by the effortlessly beautiful Natalie Zea) of The Following.

The Following aired in January of 2013 and recently returned for a second season.  Adam and I caught the first episode, as a re-run, while pigging out on pizza in our hotel room after a long day of rocking out in the Philly heat, last June when we were in Philadelphia for the Roots Picnic.  Generally, it scared the shit out of me, and I decided the first episode I saw would be the last.  But recently, it was added to Netflix, and I decided to squash my fears and watch it.  A season later, and addicted, I can safely say The Following is one of the best shows I've seen in recent history.  I was pleasantly surprised when I heard they would be returning with a second season this year.

Not so secure was the fate of Claire Matthews.  I'm no Doctor, but being stabbed doesn't usually have the best prognosis (the same could be said for Kevin Bacon's character - or really ANYONE from this show).

In reading spoilers for the second season, I read that Claire would be returning for this season.  I was beyond happy to tune in for more of Claire's killer (get it?) style.  However, now that I'm caught up (catching episodes through hulu a week behind), I'm starting to doubt she'll ever be back (the four seconds she was included in the first episode as a bit of a recap CAN'T count as her return, can it?)  

Either way, in the hopes that she'll return this season (maybe in tonight's episode - sshh don't tell me!), let's take a look back at some of her signature looks from last season.  There's nothing really out of this world about the way she dresses (is dressed for the show), but there's something effortlessly cool and beautiful about the way she pulls it all off.  And when she does get the chance to dress up (helloooo LBD from the episode "Whips and Regret" - below)?  She knocks it out of the park. 

Casual Cool for a lunch date and game of ditch the FBI tail.

Same outfit from above

Comfy Cool at home during the search for her son

Flashback - Hot date with K Bacon

Siren Style for dinner with Cult leader ex-husband, Joe - "He picked out the outfit".

That hair!

Grand Reveal

And as always, we can't forget about the boys!  Joe's grandpa/literature nerd/cult leader style is on point, while Kevin Bacon is rarely seen out of a suit.

My advice for being snowed in:  put on your most comfortably stylish PJs and hunker down for a binge-marathon of The Following with special attention paid to Claire's character and style - but be sure to stop about an hour before bedtime and catch AN episode (or all of them) of Moone Boy (on Hulu) so you don't have nightmares!

Photos c/o various online sites (hyperlinked).