Friday, February 21, 2014


#FLASHBACK to the beginning of the month when Adam got his hair(s)cut (again) and my friend Blake was in town/I learned that another girl from my high school in Jupiter lives in Cleveland now!

This photo perfectly captures the frustrations of blogging in the cold

Look to the left.....

Now look to the right....

Sweater: Charlotte Russe, Top: Akira (C/o Jesse at the most recent swap), Pants: Dickies 
(c/o Gabriel Brothers), Booties: Forever 21, Glasses and Jewelry: Assorted


Adam has been going through a bit of a transformation as of late: cutting his hair, getting contacts, and now getting new glasses from Warby Parker.  No one recognizes him anymore!  The transformation continued at the beginning of the month when he randomly decided he wanted another haircut.  So we went to Best Cuts, showed the lady what he wanted, and TA-DAH!  A new dude!

Jacket: UO Surplus, Khaki Button-Down: Levi's Outlet, Jeans: Bullhead (c/o PacSun), Boots: Forever21,
Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe

Of course after he got his haircut, I made us take photos in the back of the plaza.  And then we met up with some friends at the Highland Tavern to play Cards Against Humanity.

Brotherly Love. 

That game is ridiculous, and we clearly had way too much fun playing.  Next time though, we probably shouldn't play in a public place.