Thursday, February 6, 2014

Orange You Glad....

What is this?!  A personal style post?  Well, well, well....

Scarf: Thrifted (Angers), Orange Sweater: Tommy Hilfiger (c/o Goodwill), Denim Button-Down:
American Eagle, Leopard Pants, Coat: UO Surplus, Boots: Target

As you can see, not much has changed.  My hair is growing out.  I still depend on sweaters and button-downs to make it through the winter.  And this scarf has seals on it (LES PHOQUES!).  I don't think I'd have survived this far this winter without this scarf, actually (and this hat).  I'm sure my neighbors LOVED my PJs/Yellow Hat/Leopard-print rain boots outfit this morning when it was all hands on deck to get my car unstuck from the snow so Adam could get off to work. I'd barely been awake for 5 minutes before all of the excitement, so you can imagine my surprise that I actually went through with wearing TWO statement pieces today:  Leopard print skinny jeans AND a bright orange sweater?!  What will they (I) think of next?

In other news, I provided the venue (my house) for our most recent clothing swap this past Sunday - all the planning accolades go to Rachel and Jessica - those ladies have ALL the connections.  It was a bit overwhelming, but INCREDIBLY exciting, and OF COURSE I took ZERO photos.  However, lucky for all of you, Jessica managed to capture my bag-lady-like tendencies*:

*Real post to come (not about this outfit, but an actual outfit, styled with pieces I picked up).  I take fashion seriously - I PROMISE!

Some other exciting things to come on the blog:
1.  Style Star spotlight on my favorite TV Lady right now (actually she might not be so relevant anymore)
2.  Upcoming Travels!

Hope you are all excited for it!  I know I am!  It's about time I got back in to the swing of things here at Eleanor's Boots (how lazy can you be?!).