Sunday, July 12, 2015

Give Me A Try

When it cooled down this summer, I decided to experiment with a "beach cover-up over outfit" idea I had swirling around in my brain.

Jacket: Gap (c/o Hand-me-down), Tunic: Thrifted, Jeans: Old Navy,Shoes: Zara,
Jewelry: Assorted

I think it worked out pretty well!  I also really wanted to wear my new shoes I snagged during the Zara summer sale (there's still some good stuff left!).  

I wore this outfit late last month to meet up with my mom and brother to listen to some jazz music, and by the time Adam and I had gotten home, it was dark out.  So we decided to experiment a bit with street lights.  Needless to say, our neighbors think we are crazy, but who cares - These photos turned out kind of cool (at least I think so).