Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Where the Weak Are Killed and Eaten

It only seemed appropriate to wear this T-shirt to the LeBron James Celebration in Downtown Akron a few weeks ago.

Sweater Vest: Hand-Me-Down, Tshirt: DIY/Revival, Culottes: H&M, Booties: YES!

Adam met me at my work Downtown so we could walk to the celebration and not have to deal with traffic or road closures, but we only hung out long enough to wait in line and get through the gates.  We saw there were more lines, so we left.  We made it back home just in time to find the live stream, see LeBron give a quick speech, and have a street "named" after him.  

In outfit news, I always thought the saying on this T-Shirt only ever applied to Akron, because that's what the shirt says (about Akron), and also because I bought this shirt in Akron. But I guess now "Where the Weak Are Killed and Eaten" applies to Detroit, because when you google "Where the weak are killed and eaten", Detroit comes up.  (I think) It still applies to Akron, though.

I bought this T-shirt from Rubber City Clothing via Revival when I was 16.  My parents had bought their first rental property in Highland Square earlier that year, and I thought I was so cool wandering around Highland Square while my parents did work on their property (I definitely should have been helping more, obviously).  So when we moved away to Florida later that year, I had to scoop up some Akron merch to take along with me to rep the whole time.  This shirt made the cut.  Along the way it morphed into the above version when I combined it with part of a button-down shirt.  The sleeves are a bit raw, so I thought I'd cover up with a hand-me-down sweater vest from my Great Aunt.  

We tried to catch some "movement" of my culottes and fringe tassels, but failed miserably.  Maybe next time.