Tuesday, September 8, 2015

DDay Conneaut 2015: What I Wore

As I mentioned in this post, we attended the DDay Re-enactment in Conneaut a few weekends ago.  Of course the re-enactors get dressed up, but so do some of the spectators.  A few of the ladies go ALL OUT.  I settled on a happy medium.

Button-Down: Swapped, Skort: Thrifted, Tennies: Hand-Me-Down, Beret:
Some Tourist Shop in Paris, Sunglasses: Rave

A word to the wise: wear lots of sunscreen on your face unless you want a beret tan.  No fun.  Luckily, mine wasn't that bad.  Also, don't wear a wool beret on a hot, summer day.  But do they make berets in any other fabric?  I'm not sure.

Also, if you live in Akron, be sure to vote today in the primary election!