Thursday, September 24, 2015


Talk about a(nother) blast from the past (I promise I have new outfits to share).  I found these photos in my blogger drafts folder from TWO SUMMERS AGO!

Outfit 1:

Lace Top: Rue21, Denim Button-Down: Wet Seal, Shorts: Some random shop in Angers,
Sandals: Gabriel Brothers, Jewelry: Assorted

And Outfit 2: these from the same summer.  It must have been a little cooler this day.

Button-Down, Sunglasses: Hand-me-down, Leopard Print Pants: UO Surplus, Wedges: Gabriel Brothers,
Bracelets: H&M, Rings: Forever21, Urban Outfitters

I still remember Adam pulling into the driveway and catching me taking photos
with my tripod - that's why I was smiling.

A few (random) things:
A) I can't believe I never posted these outfits - Whoops
B) Double Denim - Still one of my favorite styling tricks.
C) Mixed Prints - See above.
D) Adam hates my flatform sandals, but looking at these photos, I think I love them.  I actually wore them recently, and one of them broke.  So....lame.
E) I'm pretty sure I've gotten rid of every item of clothing included in these outfits, except the shoes.  Never get rid of shoes.
F) Look how red my hair was!  I'm actually thinking of adding some colored ombre or balayage probably in a rose gold or coral color soon (you know, for a more natural take on unicorn hair).

Happy #TBT everyone and thanks for reading my random thoughts!