Monday, October 26, 2015

Pink Shirt, Pink Cheeks

An easy outfit to kick off the week.

Sweater: UO Surplus, Pink Top and Necklaces: Hand-me-down, Pants: Thrifted,
Shoes: Charlotte Russe

I wore this easy outfit a few weeks ago to kick off a new week.  I was worried that this top would be too see through, but luckily all of the ruffles in the front hid my undergarments quite well.

You also can't tell, but in these photos my face was sun-burned from volunteering to set up for the 500 plates event that happened here a few weeks ago.  Obviously, wearing shades of pink probably wasn't the best outfit to wear with a sun-burned face, but I think the other bright colors drew the attention away from my bright cheeks.  

Here's to a great week!