Monday, December 14, 2015

Fuzzy Wuzzy

We went Christmas shopping this past weekend, and I wore a TShirt.  El NiƱo, you are one crazy mother effer.

Hat and Vest: Gabriel Brothers, TShirt and Jeans: Urban Outfitters,
Shoes: Swapped (Forever21), Sunglasses: Rave, Handbag: Gifted

In other news, I haven't shopped at Gabriel Brothers in years.  I've been thrifting more, and shopping at Gabe's less.  But OF COURSE, the day I decided to visit Gabe's, I found the fuzzy vest of my dreams.  Ever since I thrifted a miniature fuzzy vest (that I ended up gifting to Rachel's daughter), I'd been wanting one for myself (that was last year).  Crazily enough, the day I decided to check out Gabe's was the day they had multiple fuzzy vests in stock.  This one made the cut.

Speaking of fuzzy things on sale at Gabe's, I found TWO wool baseball caps with fuzzy pom poms on them.  This garnet one (because duh, FSU), and another one that is grey with black leather trim.  I probably didn't need to buy myself two wool baseball caps (especially since it's been so unseasonably warm), but I did anyway, because #treatyoself.

What are some things you've been searching for and found unexpectedly?