Tuesday, February 9, 2016


It's snowing again in Akron, which means I can wear my shapeless overcoat (again)!

Jacket: Thrifted, Sweater: Swapped, Turtle-Neck: Hand-Me-Down, Jeans: Levi's, Boots: UO,
Baseball Cap: Gabriel Brothers

In other news, another fun experiment I'm trying this year is a "no-makeup" Sunday!  It feels kind of freeing to go without wearing makeup, even if it's only one day during the week.  I also think it's probably good for my skin to take a break.

RE: these photos, they are from January, but they are relevant since we had a warmish weekend, followed by windy, snowy days!  Since the day we took these photos was super windy, it made getting some decent photos a little tough.  Thankfully, Adam is SUCH a great sport and took some quick photos at my parent's house before dinner.

We didn't have as good of luck on the way to my parent's, but we did get some cool wind and snow shots!

Soon it will be warmer out, and we can take photos in an abandoned parking lot, but I won't be able to wear the amazing shapeless coat.  I guess you really can't have it all.