Sunday, February 7, 2016

Hand it Down

Going back to work after the long break was rough.  So of course Man Repeller wrote an article about how to deal.  

One of my favorite tips was to make a reservation for the weekend, so you have something small to look forward to (if you don't already have plans).  The point isn't to wish away the week, but to set a reward for yourself for making it through another (probably crazy) work week.  

Following this advice, Adam and I decided to make a reservation at 3 Palms in Hudson since we hadn't been in a while, and their pizza is delicious.  When I say we made a reservation, what I mean is that I got too busy at work to actually make the reservation, and then I worked late Friday, so that by the time we made it to 3 Palms for dinner, there wasn't really anyone there, so we were seated right away.

After dinner, we decided to take some photos under some street lights by the library, as part of our ongoing quest to find alternate photo locations than our road, as well as after dark.

Coat: Thrifted, Sweater, Button-down: Hand-Me-Down, Trousers, Boots: Urban Outfitters

A few things about this outfit:
• Adam immensely dislikes this coat: He doesn't like that it is shapeless, which is what I love about it, that and the buttons and the silk lining.  I thrifted it during Dina's VIP Thrift Bus Tour, and I have worn it ever since it's gotten cooler.  It's a bit oversized, so I can throw it on over everything!
• I've started to realize that if my clothes aren't swapped or thrifted, then they are most likely hand-me-downs; either from Adam or other family members.  It's kind of crazy how I end up with the clothes that I end up with, but I love it.  I love that you can pair a men's button-down and a JCrew sweatshirt with trousers and combat boots and have something totally comfortable and unique.  It's all about pulling complimentary colors from different pieces.  Oh, Fashion.