Thursday, July 21, 2016

Farm and Flea

A few weekends ago, the monthly Akron Farm and Flea happened. And this was the best one yet.

Land of Plenty's Booth

Urban Kanvas Prints

GypsyGrace and the VintageGoat's Booth

Square Scullery Food Truck

We get spoiled in the summer with so many amazing open air fresh markets, so the thought of another one on a Sunday was a dream. Sadly, the fresh produce has been slim the past few markets (probably due to this whacky growing season). So with expectations set, we were happy to pick out some alien squash (really called Pattypan squash), a zucchini and fresh flowers at this most recent Farm and Flea. Some new vendors were added, as well as some additional Food Trucks. We always default to the Land of Plenty tent, this time picking out some patches and a new crystal (which I made into a necklace - stay tuned).

Those of you that hang out with me IRL know about my annoyance with food trucks. I'm not a fan of standing while eating. Plus, a lot of the food now served out of food trucks is pretty intense, so it deserves a seat at a table. I think picnic tables/dining areas should be mandatory at all events with food trucks, but I guess that would sort of defeat the purpose. Anyway, Adam and I ordered some of the fried Brussel sprouts from the Square Scullery Food Truck (they were delicious) and found a shady spot to sit and eat across from the market. Anti-social? Maybe. Enjoyable? Totally. But, bonus points! We were able to take some blog photos!

Romper: Thrifted, Sandals: Charlotte Russe, Hat: Gabriel Brothers, Sunglasses: Rave

Those of you in the NE Ohio area, looking for some flea action this weekend, should be sure to check out Cleveland Flea's #Unconventionalcle starting today through Sunday up in the Gordon Square Arts District.  We're headed up Saturday to give all the RNC attendees plenty of time to clear out (although I heard it hasn't been as busy after convention hours as previously speculated).

And you can catch us at the next Akron Farm and Flea on August 14th!