Thursday, November 17, 2016

That Free Life

You save so much money when your friends host swaps so often. I encourage you to start a swap group wherever you are. 

Pashmina: Tourist Shop in Paris, Top and Jeans: Swapped, Shoes: Zara + DIY, Sunglasses: Noto

I lucked into this top and jeans at the last swap I attended. To be honest, the whole process is about luck. With women's clothing, the sizing is so varied. At swaps, I look for pieces I like, and then either try them on over my clothes, or do the waist band around the neck trick (for pants). What's the worst that can happen? Your free items don't fit the way you thought they would, so you keep them for the next swap. Or best case scenario, your items fit perfectly, and you wear them forever. Win, win. 

Want to host a clothing swap, or "frock party" as they are also called? Check out this post by Jessica