Thursday, July 13, 2017

More Arrows

"Gold jacket? Green jacket? Who gives a S***?"

But seriously, I give a s*** since for whatever reason I had the hardest time pairing a blazer with this arrow skirt. A gold jacket would have been clutch for this #ootd (or white I guess).

Blazer, Button-Down: Hand-Me-Down, Tank: Target, Skirt: LulaRoe Cassie
(gifted - like an actual gift not sponsored), Sandals: Lust for Life (via Solestruck)

This arrow-print LulaRoe Cassie skirt is everything, and my cousin managed to find it in my size, but the specific shade of teal is a tough one to match. Originally, I wore this outfit with a light chambray blazer to work, but after spending the entire day second-guessing my blazer choice, I switched to this green blazer for blog photos. I can't say it's any better at matching, but for whatever reason, it made me feel a tiny bit better about this outfit.

I've been having that problem a lot lately - second-guessing my outfits. I think it's a combination of "end of pregnancy"-ness and boredom with my wardrobe because of pregnancy, but either way, baby is due any day now, so I can't wait to be re-inspired by my closet (and wear high-waisted trousers and tuck in my shirts).