Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pace Yourself.

So It just so happens that I'm a big fat liar. Yep. Liar Liar Pants on Fire. Well, I guess you can't be soo surprised. I said it was unlikely that I would post in a timely manner, and I didn't. Almost two months later. Yowza. And this has nothing to do with the new year, new resolutions. Nothing like that. This has to do with getting ish done. Better late than never? What will follow is a blog post that should have been posted the weekend after Thanksgiving. Do it to it.

This dress:

Remind you of anyone? Probably not. But it reminds me of Alicia from Misfits. Favorite girl from the best show. If only I had cooler hair. Ohhhh well. But LOOK at it's versatility!

I wore it to work with a tie! Good lord I'm creative. Or an idiot. Probably a little of both. Either way, I got it at the Goodwill. I freakin' LOVE the Goodwill. I've been having super awesome fantastic luck there as of late. Anyway, I wore this dress out one night, and not just ANY night, the night FSU whooped UF. Boo yeah! Freakin' handed it to them. Their butts that is. That poor quarterback couldn't throw a pass to save his life. That same weekend was also Thanksgiving! The bestest holiday we Americans celebrate (besides 4th of July, obvi). Food, fun, and family. So awesome. This is what I wore:


Vintage Blazer and jewelry, Wally-world cardigan, Mango button-down, Forever 21 jeans and belt, Kimchi Blue heels (c/o Gabe bo-Babes). And who's that baby girl in the bottom right-hand corner, creepin' on ma photo?

Ma babe, Eleanor! The namesake of this here bloggity blog. She's such a babe with her little socks (or boots, cuz I like boots better) and gigantic head. It will forever be a mystery as to why her body never grew to the size of her head. She's still my babe.

In other news, my friend, Emily, asked me for fashion advice. She (just) started a new job (back in November) at a school and wanted to know how to be professional yet functional. My response: over-sized blazers. Her translation:

Steal one from the fiancé. She was going to a birthday party, hence the silly hat. I'm in love, and it makes me miss her more (Emily was the FIRST person I met in France, fresh off the train, waiting in Le Mans for the transfer to Angers). One day I will see her again (she lives in Minneapolis). Hopefully, there is an Angers-reunion in Las Vegas SOON (Andrea, get that passport!).

Anywayz, brace yerselves peoples. There's a massive end of 2011, best of da best blog post coming soon (and when I say "soon", I'm hoping it's tonight). We'll see.