Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Girl is Grey

"In a world where every girl wants to be a model/What's wrong babe? Did daddy not give you enough attention?"

I don't know why I thought of that song by Chiodos today at work, but I did. Random. Ever since my CD player has been fixed in my car, I've been listening to the "old" stuff: Brand New, Say Anything, Original Bravery....Oooooo soo good. Stuff I always forget to upload to my iPhone because there's so much new out there. Keeping up with the hipster music scene is getting to me.

Look at that gash. Today, however, I wasn't overly thrilled with my work outfit, so I took pictures of my after-work outfit, which is basically my work outfit without the jumper I wore over my button-down and skirt (since my skirt wasn't long enough for dress code - which I recently re-read and realized I've been in violation of. Whoops).

At first glance, I didn't like these tights because they look like straight fishnets, but when I turn to the side, BAM! Look at that subtle floral detail. Ohh yeah.

Then for even more added fun: my oversized super coat that I live in now that it's cold and snowy again. $6 at the Goodwill. Yes, please. But onto the next. As most of you know, I'm obsessed with the E4 original, Misfits, and that is mostly because of this kid:

Robert Sheehan. Hilarious, littler bugger. But basically, we're soul-mates.

Furry hood and out of control hair. If only mine were more so, out of control that is.

Funny story, I feel a little like Mary-Kate Olsen in this one. That's a new one. But for now farewell. I have to work early tomorrow, and that's only fun because I get out early. Lockview?

P.S. If anyone knows where the photo of Robert was originally printed, I would be forever grateful. I'd love to get my hands on the hard copy. Merci beaaauuucouuup.