Sunday, January 22, 2012


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This Foster the People album has been out for quite some time now, and I finally listened to the the whole thing. This song, Waste, is probably my favorite. It's sweet and cheesy, but also speaks volumes to what I'm trying to do this year: Not waste away the weekends. So whenever I'm feeling lazy, I try to think of this song and not be. Instead of being lazy, I will just be AWESOME!

So Thursday's work outfit. I was stoked on it, and then I tried to photograph it. Not so successful.

But I'm sure you get the idea. The underneath shirt is one of my favorite button-downs. It's sleeveless and has an open part in the back. Absolute fabulosity. After work I got my hair cut. Nothing special. Just a much-needed trim. If I'm serious about growing it out, I need to trim it on the regular. Then Friday, I dyed it.

Also, apparently, I'm big into uniforms: Maxi skirt, tank top, flat boots. I should be a cartoon character, and when you look in my closet it's just the same maxi skirt times 100 plus tanks of the same variety. Mix up the color and print, and you're good to go.

Thursday and Friday it blizzarded. Amazingly gorgeous if you aren't driving in it. Then it's a nightmare. I almost died driving back from my parent's house. I was going as slow as humanly possible, but apparently that wasn't good enough. Heading down this hill, I could barely stop at the bottom and almost blew through the intersection. Luckily, I stopped just in time. I had a mild heart palpitation, but all's well that ends well.

Saturday, we went up to Cleveland to hang with some people.

I busted out the septum piercing. It's been a while. I quite miss it. But there's no way I'd get away with having it out at work. I probably wouldn't get away with dying my ends pastel blue either. Bummer. We'll see. I'm seriously considering asking my boss (like a boss), since it's not actually listed in the dress code. Hmmm. Loop holes. Speaking of the dress code, it was revised, so I actually wasn't in violation of it before. Ohh yeeaahhh. But now it's more strict. Challenge Accepted.