Wednesday, April 18, 2012


FIrst things first: for those of you who aren't my friends on Facebook (shame on you!), I got my nose re-pierced AND bought new red lipstick. It was an epic weekend.
The rest of last week wasn't as eventful:

My dog is kind of a freak.

And then we are at this week.

I've decided I'm going for quality over quantity here (on this blog). I could post a photo a day, but if my clothes suck, what's the point? Also, I'm lazy. Getting up at 7am is hard work. That is why, if I don't pick out my outfit the night before, this blog here is pretty much effed. This last outfit was what I wore today. I was thinking about something this morning as I was getting ready: the only good thing about my last job (besides some of the people I met working there) was that I was FORCED to dress up. New job, not so much. This is my "meet me in the middle" outfit. The middle between business casual and casual. I've been trying (and failing) to accomplish this everyday. Business on top, party on the bottom. It happens. Most people wear jeans and hoodies to work, so I think I'll be fine. Anyway, I feel like I had more to say. Guess not. Be expecting a nail post any day now.

Oh yeah! This is this weekend! It feels like just last summer we all drove out to the blimp hanger to hang out while my Aunt Laura filmed the sunset. And then we got Stricklands. Good times. I get to dress up. So excited! Ok that's it.