Monday, April 9, 2012

Gillmore, Happy

In honor of the Masters yesterday, I am watching Happy Gilmore. What a fantastic movie. Before the movie though, we went to Red Lobster for my Great Aunt's 90th birthday dinner. Delicious. I love Red Lobster (So does the weird, annoying guy in the movie - "You will not make this putt, you jack ass!"). Chedder bay biscuits, coconut shrimp, raspberry lemonade. Delicious. You know what else I love? Layering oversized hoodies that I find around town under my oversized blazer. Ish happens.

And now some randoms from last week:
We went to the Cavs game and had floor seats (Section: 7, row: VIP). Reminded me of my days as a cheerleader.

Fun Fact: Tony Parker is even uglier in person.
But Andy V. is a babe!
Super Fans!
Thursday: We went to the mall.
And I bought the amazing shoes from up top. Charlotte Russe was having not one, but 2 random deals going on: buy one pair of shoes, get another for $10.50 AND buy three things, get the fourth free. SO I walked away with three pairs of shoes and one skirt (see below)...for FREE. Fantastic.
Friday: Day...
And Night...
Say "Queso"!