Friday, September 14, 2012

Old 97 Cafe

Last Saturday, Adam, my brother, Alex, his girlfriend, Natasha, and I went to Old 97 Cafe, a bar in Kenmore, OH.  Kenmore is known to have a tougher reputation, so I had my doubts about heading there (after dark) on a Saturday night.  The lure of a "grown-up" atmosphere and live music won out, and we ventured to "the other side of the tracks".  

Google maps took us through the sketchiest parts of Akron, and we had to park in the street (so did everyone else), but we still weren't deterred.  Walking up to the bar, I felt like I was going to visit long lost friends in their new home.  The building was originally a trolley stop in "Olde Akron" and has served as a bar since the '40s.

There was a warm, welcoming atmosphere, with booths and hightops, as well as a beautiful back patio (seriously, forget Pinterest for patio decorating ideas, just go here).  A fire in the firepit, and live rockabilly music sealed the deal.  I can safely say, this place tops the list of relaxed, hang-out spots in Akron.  I played it safe and split a Lambic Kriek with Adam, but after looking at the food and drink menus online, I will have to try one of their signature cocktails next time we go out to this quaint, quiet spot.  

Alex and Natasha sittin' in a tree....or a booth.

Moral of the story, next time you are in Kenmore, stop by, have a drink, and check out Old 97 Cafe.