Sunday, January 20, 2013


Cut-out Button-Down:  PacSun, Pink Cardigan, American Eagle, Black cords:  H&M, JC Litas (c/o Next), jewelry: assorted
Did you guys see those weirdos at Chapel Hill Mall taking photos of each other in front of the Carousel?  Oh, no?  Well, that was us Friday night.  After dinner with Adam's family for his brothers' birthdays, we wandered over to see what was left at the PacSun "going out of business (this location only!)" sale.  Not much.  Lots of guy stuff, but enough that I managed to score 2 pairs of pants, a tank, a button-down, a dress, and a hat for 40 bucks.  So much for not buying any new clothes this year.  Oh well.  In other style resolution news:  I have been pretty good about wearing a different pair of shoes every day. I've only repeated twice now (I wore my combat boots 2 days in a row, and I wore my H&M wedges twice in the new year).  The goal was to wear each pair of shoes I own before I repeated wearing any.  Close, but no cigar.

What else have we been up to since I posted an outfit last?  Just the Cavs game 2 Saturdays ago and moving.  I posted on instagram about how I love getting dressed for Cavs games because it's like getting dressed for any FSU sporting event:  garnet and gold? Well, wine and gold.  Close enough.  I might have over-done it this time, though.

Beanie:  Adam's, Flannel:  Eddie Bauer, Cavs Tshirt:  Old Navy, Scarf:  FREE, Jeans: H&M, Gold Sneaker Wedges:  Charlotte Russe, Jewelry:  Assorted
Biggest Fan.  Whatever.  I love my Cavs, even though they never win.  Probably because they never win.  There is talk that LeBron is coming back, and I hope he doesn't.  Either way, everyone at the game that night, leaving when we were, thought I was the biggest creep.  And that is fine.  I'm getting better at this "not caring where we take blog photos because it's for the sake of the blog" mentality. And it's also hilarious.  Like "remember that time we pseudo-blocked the entrance to the elevators at the Cavs game because we were taking photos in front of the wall with the Cavs girl's photo on it?"  Oh yeah!  Peace.