Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wear Bright Pants....

Lace Sweater:  Charlotte Russe, White Button-Down:  Dockers, Bright Blue Jeans:  Gap, Zoe Boots:  Sam Edelman, Jewelry:  Assorted, Tie:  Grandpa's, Ok Go Pin:  From Ok Go!

And everyone is nice to you.  I promise.  Last night Adam and I got VIP Floor seats to the Cavs game, and EVERYONE was nice to me!  I went to the restroom at halftime, and all of the people who work the floor were all about letting me through and getting me whatever I needed.  Then when I came back from the restroom, they didn't even ask to see my ticket!  Crazy!  And this one guy that was working, told me I was his best buddy (probably because I let everyone by when I was trying to leave, and he noticed).  Or they just were being nice to me because I was on the floor of the Cavs game?  No, it was definitely the pants!  They are the most beautiful shade of turquoise.  And here are some photos from the game.  Cheers Mates!