Friday, February 1, 2013

Western Florals

Checkered Button-Down:  Hand-me-down, Silver Collar Tips:  ShopJeen, Army Jacket:  Old Navy Redux, Peacout:  Camaieu, Floral Cords:  Bullhead (c/o PacSun), Black Wedges:  H&M, Belt, Payless, Jewelry:  Assorted
Northeast Ohio Weather is something else.  I hate talking about the weather, but I felt the need.  If you noticed on my posts, the one 2 posts before this one (where I'm wearing overalls), there was about a foot or two of snow on the ground.  Then the one after that, no snow.  Yeah, all that snow melted in one day when the temperature spiked dramatically.  It was nice for two days - about 60 degrees IN JANUARY, and then dropped dramatically - IN ONE NIGHT.  Craziness.  I guess that's OK - getting a nice little break from the bitter cold, but I think I'd rather just be cold.  The temperature fluctuations are no good for anyone.  

Anyway, I decided to make this western-style button-down more western by adding my western collar tips from shopjeen to it.  I don't own cowboy boots, but you can bet I would have been wearing them if I did - maybe.  And I FINALLY got to layer the jackets (I'm sure you've all heard about this trend - I LITERALLY just pinned an image from Refinery 29 the other night)!  I forgot about this army jacket I altered in high school (zipper front to buttons), and because I wasn't already wearing enough olive, I had to add my olive peacoat to the mix.  Ta-Da!  Flippin' brilliant - at least I think so!

Last night, I went to the Akron Main Library for Thursday's Movies at Main.  Akron Film+Pixel was presenting "The Rules of the Game", a French film by Jean Renoir from 1939.  As much as I love the French language, I think I am doomed to NEVER like their films.  This film is a classic, so obviously very entertaining, but it just wasn't for me.  Maybe in a few years, I will realize it's beauty, but for now, I just can't.  The guys from Akron Film+Pixel hosted a discussion afterwards, which was VERY entertaining, and made me realize how much I miss college/school/intelligent people interaction in general.  I keep thinking about going back to school, but I have no idea for what. I really need to get my life together!  

In other news, I'm only slightly salty I didn't get any good photos of my outfit from Wednesday, which was the best this week.  Oh well.  However, to make up for it, please reference below photo where I started laughing at myself as a lady walked her dog by our driveway whilst I was taking photos of myself (how pathetic - me, not the lady walking her dog).  Cheers!