Sunday, March 31, 2013

Walk of Fame

Sweater: Adam's (c/o gap), brown sweater: Grandma's, TShirt: Adam's, Jeans: Old Navy, Flats: Merona (c/o Target), Jewelry: assorted, Sunglasses: Salvation Army

Some quick photos I snapped my last day in Nashville.  Happened upon the Music City Walk of Fame on the way back to my rental car.  I REALLY wanted some cheesy souvenirs before I left town, and had spotted this shop downtown after the Opry Country Classics on Thursday.  I thought I could easily park in the library parking garage, pop on down to Broadway, grab a Tshirt and some things, and head to the airport.  Turns out, it was Nasvhille Comic Con or something and ALL the parking was exorbitantly priced as well as full.  So I bit the bullet and parked in some lot.  I still got to wander around downtown, but it wasn't as relaxed as I had hoped.  Oh well, I managed to find a Willie Nelson Tee for Adam and some oversized postcards for the house.  As well as a Nashville harmonica.  Alls well that ends well.  Plus, I'm sure we'll be back.  Also, the first photo I took while testing this location out won't upload without being sideways.  I'm pissed since it's my fav.  Oh well check out the one below taken from a step up in the ampitheater.  OH the joys of the self timer.