Thursday, September 5, 2013

Two Dolla Jumper

Sheer Top: Mango (c/o JCPenny), Jumper: Goodwill, Denim Button-Down: Mossimo (c/o Target), Heels: Maya, Rings: Assorted, Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe

A long, long time ago, in the magical world of Akron, OH, I received an email from Groupon.  You've all heard about Groupon, right?  You subscribe, they send you emails with awesome deals, and you can buy them?  Seems pretty straightforward.  I've been purchasing Groupons for a few years now, and have never been disappointed.  A month or so ago, I saw the Groupon email with a Groupon for concert tickets.  Now, if you read this blog (at all), you know that I love concerts, and I love going to see live music.  So obviously, it was a no brainer to open this email and see just what concert Groupon was offering discounted tickets to.  And wouldn't you know it, it was the Matchbox Twenty/Goo-Goo Dolls concert!  

I don't know about you all, but I've been a fan of Matchbox Twenty since they released "Yourself or Someone Like You" back in 1996 (wowza that was a long time ago).  I wasn't a huge fan of Rob Thomas leaving the band to pursue his own career, but alls well that ends well since they have since been re-united and are touring!  

Two weeks ago was the concert and Adam and I went.  And it was fun!  We got to lay out on a blanket in the lawn at Blossom Music Center under the stars and listen to old classics from two of the biggest bands of the 90's.  Like any good touring musicians, both groups used the time to hype their new records, but they also spent time playing the old classics.  And we managed to get out just before the rush.  Not bad.

The outfit of the day was inspired by the 90s and luckily enough the weekend prior, I was able to snag this jumper for $2.50 (rightfully so).  Weirdly enough, I bought the Mango top a few weeks before that for about $.90.  The most expensive part of this outfit?  My shoes, which I wore to the opening of the (new) Akron Art Museum in 2007.  I've decided to save some money and re-wear them in my cousin's wedding in a few weeks.  So I've got to break them back in.  I also realized how easy it is to glam up an otherwise casual outfit with a beautiful pair of shoes - and they don't really look that out of place (I don't think).

What are some of your tips for "jazzing" up your everyday basics?