Thursday, June 12, 2014

Around Town: Noto Fashion Show

Last Saturday evening was the Noto Fashion Show.  I hope you were all able to make it, since I told you about it in advance (remember?).

Gina, Jessica, Jesse, Rachel and I all met up before the show to take some photos.

©Jessica at Midwest Muse

©Jessica at Midwest Muse

Duster, Dress and Bag: Hand-Me-Down, Sandals: JCPenny, Jewelry: Charlotte Russe©Jessica at Midwest Muse

©Jessica at Midwest Muse

Saint Mary-Kate ©Jessica at Midwest Muse

Girl Band Photos ©Jessica at Midwest Muse

Gina, Rachel and Jessica ©Jessica at Midwest Muse

Love this Photo of Gina ©Jessica at Midwest Muse

After we took our photos, we walked over to the Trolley Barn where the show took place.

This was my first Noto Fashion Show (I've been out of town for all of the ones in the past),
so I'm glad I got to go with these veterans!

Before the show there was classical music as well as snacks and drinks.  Since I'm doing a raw food detox, I didn't get to try the Notini or any of the delicious foods, but the tacos looked good, and something by our seats smelled delicious.

And then the show started!

We were seated directly across from the lights, but I kind of liked the orb light head effect.

All the clothes and accessories were sourced locally - I learned at the show that Lauren of Noto had set up the entire event (and has every year).  It's a pretty amazing feat considering everything is local.  Just goes to show that you can find ANYTHING in Akron!  The hair was done by M.C. Hair in the Falls (and was amazing); low beehives.  So cool.  I loved how many great prints, pants and rompers were included in the show.

After the show, there was a pop-up shop set up with local vendors.  Obviously, Amy's booth was my favorite, but it was also the only one I got to really visit since it got crowded pretty quickly.  Guess I'll just have to stop into Noto soon to check everything out!

For those of you that missed the show, fear not!  Just take some time to pop over to Noto at 76 S Main Street, Unit 140!