Thursday, August 28, 2014


A few weekends ago, I hosted a #crafternoon at mine with some local bloggers - truthfully, it was an excuse to craft, since apparently I need an excuse now to make myself be creative.  I posted what I made on instagram.

Megan, Rachel and Jessica all came over and made some amazing collages with me.  And in true (Abby) hostess fashion, I took ZERO photos (I was too pre-occupied with set-up and the details - I think I re-arranged the craft table multiple times).  Thankfully, all the other girls took photos!  Check out Rachel's post here and Megan's post about community here.  Below are some photos Jessica took and was kind enough to share with me.

Hydrangeas from our front yard!

I made brownies, Megan made fruity pebble rice krispy treats, Rachel made quinoa salad and Jessica brought hummus and pita from Aladdin's. 

I didn't expect it to be as warm of an afternoon as it was, but it got to be quite warm (I'm drinking water in all of the below photos, that's how hot it was).  I wore this neon/lace dress I got at the Urban Outfitters Summer Sale in July (Additional 50% off sale, umm ok).  It's quite scandalous, with side cut-outs, but I love the way it shows off my rarely seen lasso tattoo on my side.  I felt kind of bad since I'd been saving it for a night out with my husband, but I took too long setting everything up, so this was the easiest to throw on.  Also, when I save things for a special occasion, I never wear them.

Outfit Details: Dress - Urban Outfitters, Sandals - JCPenny, Jewelry and Sunglasses - Assorted

Speaking of warm weather and summer, Labor Day weekend is this weekend (the un-official end of summer)!  I'm looking forward to a break from work, Adam's golden birthday on Saturday, my birthday on Monday, and Cleveland Scene's Pig and Whiskey Event (we're going Sunday) - the whiskey (bourbon) part, not so much the pig part.  There's so much going on in Akron/Cleveland this year, it was hard to chose only a few things to do - we'd still like to relax by the pool a bit.

What does everyone else have planned this weekend?