Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Curious Case of the (P)Leather Jogging Trousers

Taking a break from #snowpocalypse2015 to reflect on a recent obsession: Pleather Jogging Trousers.

Jacket, Blazer, Striped Tee (Hand-me-down), Pleather Jogging Trousers: Six Crisp Days
(c/o Akira), Booties: Black Poppy (C/o PacSun), Jewelry: Assorted

Last spring, for some odd reason, I decided I wanted a pair of (p)leather jogging trousers.  And lucky for me, a few months after I decided I needed a pair, Akira had a SUPER Memorial Day sale, and I managed to snag these (p)leather jogging trousers for $10.  I normally hate online shopping, but I took a risk on these (and some other stuff).

You may be asking where my curious obsession with (p)leather jogging trousers came from?  At first, I wasn't exactly sure myself, but then I remembered this photo I saw of Kim and Kanye:

(click through for source)

It took me a minute to figure out what was wrong with the photo (#spoileralert: their bodies are swapped).  Kim looks pretty normal on Kayne's body (although, maybe a bit too casual for her glam self), but Kayne is a bit too short, especially in heels.  Either way, those leather jogging trousers are it!  I was hooked.  I loved they way they looked on him - obvious proof that my menswear inspired dressing is getting out of hand since I don't really care for Kanye.    

I'm still trying to figure out cool ways to wear mine; most of the time I chicken out wearing them.  I'll get over it one day.

But seriously, Kayne is so right...

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What's one piece of clothing you've found yourself weirdly obsessed with?